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Direct to Substrate Printing (UV-LED)

UV-LED Printing allows for full color printing on many substrates (metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic tiles and even fabric). Printing on metals requires pre-treatment. Raised textured images as well as ADA signage can be printed.

Fabric Printing: printing is possible on most fabrics. There is a light "feel" to garment. This process is good for small to medium quantities. Small detail is possible along with full shading/blending. Think sharp colored pencils. White ink available with additional charges; enables full color print on dark shirts. Use of white ink impacts longevity. Pricing factors are shirt color, graphics size and quantity.

Pricing levels: 1-White/ash shirts are the least expensive all around; 2-Colored shirts with black or graphics of the same color just darker are the next price point; 3-Colored shirts with graphics that are contrasting or lighter in color are the most expensive as they require 2 passes: white followed by the colors.

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