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Rhinestones are a glitzy way to present your message. Use them alone or with other mediums. Rhinestones, just like embroidery, is a two step process: setting up the rhinestone placement file and placing the stones. We use 2 methods for applying heat applied rhinestones: via a transfer sheet and via a stone setter; both methods have the same cost. Transfer sheets are good for flat items and the stone setter for non-flat items (e.g. caps) and designs in combination with other mediums (e.g. embroidery).

What type stones do you use?
We use Czech Machine-Cut Rhinestones for all applications. These stones are bright, and have an 8 facet cut which, at a distance of 2 feet or more, is quite flashy. Colors available are Amethyst, Lt. Amethyst, Aqua, Black Diamond, Blue Zircon, Capri Blue, Crystal, Crystal AB, Emerald, Fuchsia, Hyacinth, Jet, Montana Blue, Peridot, Rose, Lt. Rose, Sapphire, Lt. Sapphire, Siam, Lt. Saim, Topaz, Lt. Col. Topaz, and Smoke Topaz. A rhinestone chart with actual stones is available to select colors.

What can I put in a rhinestone transfer?
Any simple word or picture can be made into a rhinestone transfer. Think of your choice as a series of dots (rhinestones) in making your selection. For text, choose a simple font.  The minimum letter height should be 3/4", Best letters are produced when the letters are at least 1" in height. Phrases may have to be in more than one line. Stone placement needs to be at least 1/16th" apart. The maximum dimensions you can use is in the range of 9" or so.

Pricing is determined by number and size of stones. There is a $25 setup fee to design the image. Stone cost can be roughly calculated by $.50 per square inch of your design. This will give you a general cost and the actual cost should not exceed this number. The setup fee will be waived for designs less than 10 stones in colors in stock or not requiring a transfer placement file.

Rhinestone Sizes: Rhinestones are measured in 'SS' (Stone Size) sizes. A 30SS rhinestone has a diameter about that of a pencil eraser. Any pictures of rhinestone sizes shown on this site must be considered as relative, for your computer set-up may change the size of how each graphic is displayed.

Rhinestone Templates: Contact
BeeEmbroidered@aol.com for information on engraved templates..