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Screen printing

Screen printing uses solid color ink. It will crack over time (after 20-30 washes). Pricing is dependent on number of colors and quantity. The process is somewhat limited in detail (e.g. very small lettering); think felt-tip marker. Great for larger quantities 25+ (For 10 shirts with 1 color, each screen print would cost about $17 plus the price of the shirt, for 25 shirts, the cost drops to about $8.50 per shirt including a regular t-shirt).

Rather than direct screen printing, Bee Embroidered uses screen printed transfers. In simple terms a screen printed heat transfer is simply plastisol ink that is printed on a special 'release' paper first, and then partially cured in a curing oven. This paper print is then transferred (or 'applied') to a T-shirt or garment using a heat  press. If the transfer is made as a special 'hot split' the print on the T-shirt will have the same feel as a direct screen print.

By using screen printed transfers, you can take advantage of volume discounts on the transfers and still purchase the garments on an as-needed basis eliminating any inventory problems. As with direct screen printing, each color is an additional cost. This is ideal for school spirit wear to keep inventory down. You can see the standard screen printing colors here. Exact color matching is $30 per color.

If you only need a couple of shirts you may want to consider vinyl or direct to substrate.


What kind of art can I use to make a transfer?

All arwork must be in vector format. We can use a raster graphic but it will have to be "vectorized" in order to make the transfer. There is a one-time fee, usually $25, to do this.

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